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Speaking with an Oral Surgeon Is Imperative If You Think You Have Signs of Oral Cancer

Posted on 12/23/2017 by Marilyn Pierce
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Oral cancer is a largely growing concern today. Around 9,750 deaths every year are caused by oral cancer in the United States alone.

This number is terrifying, wherein a person is dying every hour every day. Around 49,750 people in America will be diagnosed with oral cancer every year.

Studies have also been very bleak, with only around 57% of the 49,750 surviving to their 5th year. The World Health Organization reports that close to 450,000 cases of Oral cancer are reported each year. The numbers are also shifting.

Around 10 years ago, the ratio for people with oral cancer are 6 male patients to one female patient. Nowadays, it is 2 males to one female.

The demographic for those who have oral cancer is changing.

The majority of those who are diagnosed are over the age of 40, but the age of discovery is getting younger and younger each year.

Studies are being done now as we speak to figure out the cause, but a few have postulated that smoking or chewing tobacco products has contributed to this epidemic, and is also one reason why the population diagnosed with oral cancer are getting younger and younger.

Early diagnosing is essential. Here are a few symptoms that are red flags.
Oral cancer that is diagnosed early have higher chances of surviving. In fact, in some cases, oral cancer has been nipped early.

If you are having any kind of sores or a discolored area in your lips for more than 2 weeks, please speak to a specialist as early as possible.

If you are also experiencing pain in your ears, but can still hear perfectly, or if you have a sore throat that has lingered longer than most, please consult an oral surgeon.

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